Monday, November 8, 2010

GF Week 5

Nov 1-8
This was a roller coaster week. In retrospect, I'm definitely feeling very good on average. Even on my bad days, they're definitely worth the good days. And I can only believe the good days will become more and more plentiful as I progress. The three most dramatic changes I've noticed, aside from the obvious digestive stuff, are feeling hydrated, well-rested, and more mentally alert. I was guzzling water all the time before my diagnosis, which I think had to do digestive issues... totally unexpected though. I'm also sleeping about 7-8 hours a night, rather than 9-10 hours, which was my norm whenever I could have that much. My need for coffee has gone way down. All good things! I need to keep these in mind when I have my bad days.
At the beginning of the week, I felt sick for several days without really knowing the source. I've started to get sick of the guessing game, which I'll call "Find That Gluten!". It has all the workings of making a person go crazy and very paranoid (which seems to be common on some of the celiac message forums). So I'm trying to keep my sanity intact. Regardless of why, my week started with mini vertigo attacks in which I'd turn my head quickly and the room would spin momentarily. Also felt some pretty significant fatigue. Ended up cancelling several commitments and going home to sleep on Tuesday. Very frustrating and depressing.
I went to my first Celiac support group meeting on Wednesday. Avi drove me because I was feeling too dizzy to drive-- bizarre, huh? I never really had that kind of feeling in the past, but maybe I was but it was hidden behind other symptoms. Anyway, it was good to have gone, although I still felt under the weather. I did meet some very nice people who were definitely sympathetic to my very recent diagnosis. They also sent us home with some good resources on recipes for the holidays.

Tried Udi's bread, which has come very highly recommended by nearly any gluten-free person I've talked to. It's not bad! Definitely not exactly the consistency of bread I'd typically eat, but it still seemed like bread to me, which is nice!

By Friday, I finally recovered and started to feel normal again. I ate every meal ravenously and snacked all day. It was literally a high to feel normal again, and it made the misery from the rest of the week fade away a little bit.

Last night, we did a bunch of cooking, which helped my anxiety over what to eat for the week. It was a cooking bonanza! Pulled BBQ chicken, steak, rice, stir-fried veggies, and potatoes. We also talked to our relatives which we're visiting for Thanksgiving and gave them a heads up on my situation. They were very receptive and wanted as much info about cooking safely for me as possible. Now I just have to decide how much to trust other people's food... it's not that I don't trust the people, but their gluten-contaminated kitchen is the big problem.

I bought some all-purpose baking flour that has a strange assortment of gluten substitutes (rice flour, potato flour, xantham gum, etc). I'm thinking of trying to make cranberry muffins or something... Might be a disaster, but you gotta start somewhere, right?


  1. Do you have a Trader Joes near you? I just discovered their GF pancake mix, which has a recipe for GF cinnamon coffe crumb cake and it is nothing short of life changing amazing. I don't lie.
    It basically has all those flour substitutes in it (rice flour, potato flour, xantham gum, etc).

    You're doing well! Hang in there!!

  2. Yes I do have Trader Joe's. I'll definitely give that mix a try! Thanks.