Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Gluten Free PhD

As I've survived graduate school and celiac disease, it feels as if I'm earning two degrees: one in Psychology and one in Gluten Free Studies. With my newfound knowledge, I'd like to start transitioning this blog away from my personal journey and more toward current gluten free issues, including cooking, travel and science. I will begin posting about news articles, food products and restaurants I encounter during my studies. I think I bring a particularly valuable perspective to this world because I know how to view science critically so I can comment on current research and news. In fact, I'm considering starting an entirely new blog that's less personal and more oriented towards useful information and commentary on all things gluten free. I gave a talk for an allergy support group recently and discovered that I have a unique perspective because I've experienced food restrictions myself but I can also communicate relevant research and coping skills from my studies in Psychology... I was thinking about titles and would love feedback. I was thinking "Gluten Free PhD" or something of that sort. What do you think?

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  1. Great idea Shayna! Maybe you could consider a career combining Psychology/GF studies (in children of course, since that seems to be your interest!).

    Gluten Free PhD sounds great. For some reason, the word “glutenized” or something like that always sticks out in my mind. You said it multiple times during our trip to Vancouver. It would probably be hard to use that word in your title, but I just wanted to throw it out there. To be honest, Gluten Free PhD would work well.

    You could also try a play on words, like Gluten PhreeD or PhreeD from Gluten!