Sunday, September 19, 2010

Day 3

Avi wanted to cook, so he offered to "take requests" from me as long as it was a gluten-filled meal. I originally mentioned baked ziti, but it was approx. 1000000 degrees outside, so it seemed too heavy that day. I suggested pasta primavera, and he acted like it was too difficult. I found him a recipe and told him I just wanted some sauteed veggies with oil and garlic over pasta. That's the sort of recipe I'd do without any specific recipe. But he said it didn't sound good to him. So much for taking any request...

Anyway, I finally succumbed to whatever pasta recipe he wanted to make. He ended up making spaghetti with basil sauce. No veggies. Oh well. This is our eternal issue. He likes just sauce and meat (at least he didn't fill the sauce with too much ground beef this time), and I like veggies. It tasted very strongly, almost too strongly, of basil. Avi could barely notice the flavor. It's a miracle we have any foods we like in common. I added a bunch of Parmesan and shredded mozarella to cut the basil, which made it pretty satisfying.

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