Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Day 9

Monday 9/20

Continued going light on gluten, and feel pretty good today. Digestive system seems to be pretty happy about this dietary change.

I had a gluten-free lunch, except for the delicious Reese's Pieces Brownie I bought for a bake sale to raise money for the 3-Day Breast Cancer walk for my classmates. Definitely gluten well spent! And happy to donate to the cause.

Eating the brownie got me wondering about candy, since I'm a complete sugar addict. Discovered that some of my favorites are actually very much gluten-present. Crap. Milky Ways (milk chocolate), Twizzlers and Red Vines all have lots of gluten. Strangely, Milky Way darks and Snickers are okay. Plus there are lots of more natural gourmet red licorice candies that are okay. So I'm safe with that.

But I still went out and bought some mini Milky Ways and a pack of Twizzlers as part of my Tour de Gluten. That's some gluten well spent as well. Just had to control myself so I didn't eat too much in one day. So far, so good. Sweet tooth satisfied!

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