Sunday, October 3, 2010

Day 21

Saturday, 10/2

Avi and I had a lovely dinner last night of steak, wasabi mashed potatoes, and wine. I opted for red wine, since I've been feeling better lately and since it goes so well with red meat (I usually drink white wine since it causes fewer headaches). Today, I'm paying for all that wine. I've got a killer migraine. Damn it. 

Took an Imitrex, and it didn't seem to touch it. Crap. So much for my streak of feeling awesome. This is depressing. I spend most of the day in the darkness of my bedroom, listening to crappy weekend TV. I had plans to go to a dance class, go shopping, and go watch the football game. All down the drain. Days like today remind me that I definitely have a lot to gain from trying gluten-free eating. I've heard it can cut down on migraines. I'm trying not to get my hopes up too much though. 

Fortunately, the migraine starts to dissipate (finally) by about 8pm. So much for my day. But the good news is that it looks like I'll feel better tomorrow. That's the ever-so-slightly silver lining. 

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