Tuesday, October 26, 2010

GF Week 2

Oct 17-23
It took all week to really get back on track and begin to feel good again. It's crazy that getting exposed can do so much damage, but it seems true based on that one experience last week.

My first week entailed eliminating gluten as an ingredient from my diet, but this week I began to investigate my medications and certain foods that say "manufactured in a facility that also processes wheat". My doctor told me to avoid that for now, so I can get a baseline of health. Then, since I was symptomatic before going GF, I should be able to notice if the minimal exposure from shared facilities might bother me or not. It's frustrating though... even Trader Joe's and Fresh & Easy say some of their stuff is gluten free, but then are made in facilities or on machinery with wheat. I'm keeping my fingers crossed I can re-introduce them again!

My stress level has felt strangely lower this week, even though emotionally, I've been getting into gloomy moods more easily. I think that's just because it's tough to find foods that are satisfying all day. I keep going to grocery stores looking for things to stock up on. Eventually, I'm sure I'll get used to it all. I do think that having a healthier GI system must be reducing the tension in my body though. So that's good. Hopefully it will keep getting better. Avi says I'm too anxious to see results. I guess I just want to know it's all worth it.

On Friday, I got a very odd voicemail from a number listed as Newton, MA. The voicemail said, "You're the winner! You're the winner of the gluten free basket at Whole Foods! Call us back and you can come pick it up."

Very skeptically, I called the number back. I was thinking, could someone have stoled my info and is now scamming me for a credit card number or something? But the chirpy voice on the other line answered "Whole Foods" and seemed more clueless about the situation than I was.

The girl on the other side said my name, and said, "Oh, yes, you're in Phoenix? Yep, you can pick it up whenever you get a chance".
I replied, "At which location?"
She said, "Oh it's the Newton location, which is right between the streets..." And I interrupted her, saying, "But I live in Phoenix... like 3,000 miles away"... "Oh, that is strange", she said.

Turns out, my friend Hammy had been at Whole Foods that day and saw the contest. I guess she thought it was a national contest? Anyway, she kindly offered to pick it up and mail it to me, which is very exciting! I'll be sure to share what came in it once it arrives.

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  1. speaking of me being shady...i need your address!! :)