Friday, October 8, 2010

Day 27 - The Transition Begins!

Well, good news. Sort of. We have a pretty solid answer to this giant question mark that's been hanging over my head. The endoscopy was a success and the doctor felt pretty strongly that I have Celiac.

That damage they were looking for? It was there! Is it odd that I'm happy about it? I think the suspense of waiting has gotten to me. To me, it's clear I have Celiac at this point. So I guess I was just waiting to get the green light on making a lifestyle change so I can feel better. Anyway, I excitedly got to look at photos of my intestine and-- what do ya know-- there was scalloping just how that photo I posted looks. Between that and the high levels of antibodies in my blood, the doctor was pretty certain. We still have a week till the biopsy results come back, but I can start transitioning now.

So today we're having a Goodbye Gluten dinner at Chompies. It makes me sad to have this condition, but I'm more than ready to start feeling good... maybe for the first time in a very long time. 

I started looking at the things you need to do to make your kitchen gluten free and it's daunting to say the least. At least one document I was reading said you need to keep exposure down to less than 5 parts per million. That means keeping gluten free ("GF" in the gluten-free world) foods separate from other foods. It means replacing my cutting boards and wooden cooking spoons in case bits of gluten could be lurking inside. And it means buying new plastic food storage containers that are dedicated to remain "uncontaminated" by gluten. I think it will be a process. But I'm happy to start moving forward.


  1. Thinking of you! It stinks that you have celiac, but is good that you finally know! Hope the transition goes smoothly.



  2. I found this website when searching for gluten free alcohols (it's amazing! also has other resources!)