Tuesday, October 26, 2010

GF Week 3

Sun Oct 25, 2010

Ate at my mentor's house on Sunday, which was my first attempt to eat at someone else's house. I was anxious all day about it, even though he had asked me for pointers to help prep correctly and all.

The biggest issue that is difficult to communicate is that porous materials like wooden or plastic cutting boards, spoons, etc can hide gluten and contaminate other food. I told him to think of flour like raw meat. Anything it comes in contact with needs to be cleaned thoroughly and segregated from anything I would eat. It's hard to tell people how careful they need to be, and I really disliked having to be that person to be so difficult. I guess I'll just have to get rid of it.

So I brought a side dish to share so I knew at least that would be safe. Luckily, my mentor went to great lengths and actually did all his slicing of ingredients on plates. We had carnitas, with all the veggies separate, so it was pretty safe. He even kept the containers of chicken broth and other products so I could check them. I also brought ice cream for dessert, which was fortunate because my labmate had baked a cake that looked delicious (but deadly for me). I managed to enjoy the dinner, miraculously. That really made my week. Over time, I'm realizing this will be doable. 

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