Monday, October 4, 2010

Days 23 & 24

Monday & Tuesday 10/4 & 5

Thanks, Julia for sending me this article about the many uses of the rice noodle: I'm excited to try the many recipes they provide!

Realized that I only need to keep eating gluten for a few more days. That actually made me panic because I still haven't had lots of the stuff I've listed for myself. I guess even if they see damage just by looking, I can still transition myself away from gluten. I'm torn because I don't really feel like feeling ill, but this is my last chance to eat stuff like matzo ball soup, soft pretzels, and deep dish pizza (at least as we know them in true form). Maybe some Chompies will be in my future this week. Do I hear Jewish sliders (brisket and latkes on mini-challah bread) and matzo ball soup?

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  1. My aunt just asked me if I needed a vegan, gluten-free wedding cake since she knows I am a hippie... I said no but now I may have to change my mind. I had no idea you were feeling ill with Celiac (which you def have? or no?). Wow, I am sorry. At least there are more and more alternatives to gluten popping up in grocery stores. I hope everything else is ok ... Wishing you well!!