Sunday, October 17, 2010

Day 27: Goodbye Gluten

Oct 8, 2010

After nearly a month of waiting to act on my Celiac blood test, I get to finally rid my body of gluten! I never thought I'd be so excited to get started, but I'm sure it's good that I feel that way.

For the "Closing Ceremonies" of my Tour de Gluten, we returned to Chompies for my final glutenous meal. It was quite a fest...

While we were waiting to be seated, my friend handed me a sample of chocolate fudge brownie at the bakery. As I put it in my mouth, she yelled, "Don't do it, it's gluten-free!". Ironically, the one product in the whole bakery that was gluten-free happened to be the sample. But reassuring I can still find a decent brownie after today.

Anyway, we proceeded to order everything imaginable with wheaty goodness: Matzo ball soup with noodles and a bagel chip, Jewish sliders (potato latke, brisket, mini challah and au jus), and  a massive Reuben. I had a bite of my friend's granola crusted french toast too. Mmmm.

 Both Avi and I felt like we were still digesting 2 days later. Project gluten accomplished!

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