Sunday, October 3, 2010

Days 16-20

Mon-Fri 9/27-10/1

Another week, and I've managed to achieve stasis with gluten until this endoscopy. Well, until I decide to have a beer one night on a relatively empty stomach. That was bad. Digestive system was very unhappy with me, but just for a couple hours. It's really empowering to know that any bad symptoms won't last anymore, with my current diet. I just hope it's enough gluten to keep damaging myself enough to see it in the test. Probably is enough, since I have slip-ups like I did with the beer.

Spending long days at work and school, since I can nowadays. I definitely have more energy too, so the combo of energy and lack of pain have made all the difference in the world. Not even sure how things can get better if I go totally gluten-free. But I'm assuming they will get even better. That's pretty exciting.

I went to Whole Foods the other day, and their selection of gluten-free stuff is definitely reassuring. Although also kinda disturbing. They have all kinds of gluten-free breads and baked goods, including "no-oats 'oatmeal' cookies'. Eek. Not sure if I'll ever try those, but good to know they're out there if I'm ever really craving them. It did occur to me that I'll probably start going gluten-free just before Thanksgiving. That should be interesting. We're going to Avi's cousin's house in San Diego for that. Maybe I'll have to bring some of my own food that gluten-free. I need to stop thinking so far ahead! It's no good for anyone. 

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